Psychic readings!

Ellen is on the air at BlogTalk Radio with her weekly show, “Metaphysical Hors D’oeuvres” with her co-host, John Warren. Listen every Tuesday at 3pm EST here

Ellen Hartwell Master Psychic

Ellen Hartwell is a master psychic who delivers her readings with compassion and offers fast answers to your questions. Ellen tells you the truth as she sees hears and feels it. A non-judgmental reader, Ellen fields questions on finance, career, relationships, questions about family dynamics and challenges with children.. Ellen Hartwell believes that we are all here with purpose and that although life paths may be different, we must celebrate our differences.
Ellen is a clairvoyant, is clairaudient and an empath. 
Ellen is also a manifesting coach and will teach you how to construct affirmations and how to use them to co-create the reality you desire.

You do NOT have to be a member to pay for readings

Ten Minutes
$30.00/ 10Min
Twenty Minutes
$60/ 20Min
Thirty Minutes
$90/ 30Min
One Hour
$180/ 60Min

If you want a reading with the two inutives I trust the most, you may contact John Warren  or Maria Both Maria and john are accomplished, accurate and seasoned readers.

Maria is an intuitive Tarot Card reader who will speedily and accurately answer your questions. Maria tells you what your need to know with kindness, intelligence and an uncanny ability to see beyond your questions into the truth you need.

who is an astounding intuitive and brilliant at teaching how to affirm and co-create the reality you desire.