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Ellen Hartwell is a clairvoyant ( fancy word for “psychic” ), an empath ( feels what other people feel ) and a clairaudient ( hears words, phrases, book titles, songs , etc. that are pertinent to your question(s). Ellen uses no tools but will use Tarot upon your request



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The Soul’s Bridge by Georgiann Kiricoples will show you the strength of the human spirit and character that will intrigue and delight you! Buy it today!


I would like to introduce you to a project I have been part of ......
My Time Matters(sm)......and now it is ready to beta-test!  It really is a great concept and in time all who utilize it will agree.

I would appreciate you checking it out, using it and provide feedback for improvement and further development.

It has many features.... A CALENDAR for your needs, ability for multiple calendars in one place (children, older family members, etc) reminders for you, allows you to confirm or cancel healthcare appointments (on your time), allows you to track-save-store-share information important to you (TRACKER) Wouldn’t it be great to have a tracker just for your health information, to have the date, time and place where those healthcare needs were met and the results?

It has a VAULT feature where important documents or video can be stored for future needs.  In the case of your death, incapacitated or you are missing, you leave instructions for the one(s) you designate.


(Designed for best use on a computer or iPad, phone use next phase.
Some have been able to access by coping the URL from the text message and pasting it into the Chrome app)

MyTM is making lives easier each day.

1. You enter your info on your profile page. As much or as little as you want.

2. Now use the CALENDAR.
As you enter an appointment a drop menu helps you for the entered providers. You
can add question or things to discuss with provider.
A few days before appt the system reminds you and gives you options to cancel or
confirm the appointment, at your convenience.
After appt the system logs the information on tracker and allows you to complete
appt information. You can leave it just like that with date & provider or you can
edit with things discussed, things you need to ask at next visit, set reminders or
request copies of providers records & procedure results.
If you need to share information from a previous appt with a different provider, you
can easily select that information from the tracker & email or print to provide.

Your records are as complete as you want them to be. Add previous appointments or shot record information.

Having your health information & wishes in one place could be vital in an emergency!

Makes keeping records for children or others you assist easier ..... separate & together. Separate record, same system!

3. The VAULT feature allows you to store information important to you.
Store videos for insurance purposes.
Store videos for your loved ones.
Store copies of important papers.
Store notes, instruction/directions of where your papers are. (Ex- will in blue box in
closet I showed you, I have 3 life insurance policies stored xxx.)
Stored information is shared to those you select, in the timeframe you decide!

Like anything......once you start using it is easy peasy. After the initial entry 15-30 mins the rest is like other calendars without all the benefits.

The future is with you in control............Time to take your care in your hands. Most providers have their own systems and if you have several providers, and most do, you have to use their systems......multiple system.

Our system is designed with YOU and your needs in mind, allowing you the choices, options to decide what & how to save and what, how & who to share with. More features in development.........let providers follow the people.

Don’t wait for life events.....prepare for them!


Free minutes are given with every reading. :
10 minutes = $30.00
20 minutes = $60.00
30 minutes = $90.00
60 minutes = $180.00

If you want more than sixty minutes, I will bill you by PayPal invoice.

Ellen offers many services other than psychic readings.
E-mail her to find out what metaphysical areas she can guide you through.

e-mail Ellen to book a reading after you have sent a payment via PayPal. Keep in mind that Ellen works EST hours and is available if her “ONLINE” sign is posted and is not if it isn’t! (You figured that out but, well, you’d be surprised!)

If you are in any way concerned about using PayPal, I can invoice you and you do not have to be a PayPal member to pay me for my services.

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